Wayne Dykes, Founder and CEO of SpotGenie Partners LLC, is an accomplished musician and composer. He began his career writing and producing music for the advertising industry.

While the creative and production process had its challenges, Wayne found the process for distributing the advertising he produced to be less than desirable…a lot less.

So Wayne’s ‘left brain’ kicked in as he began to work on developing what is now SpotGenie’s array of proprietary software. And in doing so, Wayne created the premier provider of affordable TV and Radio spot distribution…SpotGenie.

Today, Wayne and his team of developers have continued to move the needle forward in advancing SpotGenie’s ad distribution technology.  They have also used that same technological prowess to develop a breakthrough broadcast attribution product, advanced storage capabilities, traffic management systems and talent information tools.

SpotGenie today is the result of the ongoing development of new technologies by Wayne and his team, all designed to further enhance our products and services.