Atlanta, GA – April 1, 2014 – SpotGenie Partners, LLC (, a leading provider of digital media services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries, has completed the integration between their ad management and delivery program and Ad-ID (, the ad coding system authorized and supported by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA). Accessible 24/7, the integration eliminates manual data entry steps and encourages a more efficient ad distribution workflow – from asset management, error reduction and resolution, to measurement and accounting.

Ad-ID is the industry standard for commercial ad coding and implementing file-based workflows across all media platforms. Similar to the UPC code of the packaged goods industry, it generates a unique identifying code for each advertising asset, and applies that code to all media. Using Ad-ID greatly improves workflow between agency, advertiser, media and their associated vendors, and removes the need for excessive human intervention and mistakes.

SpotGenie President/CEO Wayne Dykes explained: “We are excited to have this integration in place. It is already benefitting our clients by eliminating the necessity of manually re-keying Ad-ID’s information into our system and there-by minimizing the possibility of expensive errors inherent in that process. We are recommending all our clients sign up and take advantage of this much needed, centralized standard for spot identification.”

About SpotGenie Partners, LLC:

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 2002, SpotGenie Partners, LLC, a privately-held technology and service company, has revolutionized the digital distribution of high-quality HD television and radio spots, trafficking, tracking, asset management and other postproduction services. SpotGenie’s proprietary technology digitally delivers TV and radio commercials across the country at an approximately 80% reduction in cost over older technologies, making it affordable for everyone. With SpotGenie advertisers and ad agencies manage and monitor every aspect of their broadcast spot distribution using just an Internet browser.

In addition to trafficking, tracking and delivering spots, SpotGenie helps clients prepare their spots for air with services that include closed captioning, tagging, slating and video transcoding.

SpotGenie is headquartered at 345 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 400, Atlanta GA 30305. For further information about SpotGenie contact Wayne Dykes, President/CEO, at 888 202-1631 or

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