Broadcast TV and Radio Distribution  •  Video Post Services  •  Broadcast Traffic Preparation and Distribution  •  Integrated Talent Rights and Use Management  •  Source File Storage


  • Cloud-based linear TV/Radio Distribution

          –  Our CSR and Operations departments ensure your spots are delivered correctly and on time

          –   24/7 station support responds to all station requests and questions

          –  Our interface is user friendly and features an archival library to easily access your TV

               commercials for review


  • Cloud-based Source File Storage 

           Technologically advanced storage system for ad agencies, corporations and post facilities

           All source files from current and past projects are  safely secured, backed by the power of

               the Google Cloud.

           All  of your projects’ source files are safe and easily accessed through our custom portal

           Preview all stored projects and and review inventory of individual assets stored for each project

           Select any and all assets to download and have them go directly to you, your post house or

               wherever they need to go


  • Prepare and Distribute Broadcast Traffic Instructions with our Traffic Management System

           –  Select the way you want to input your traffic instructions:

                fax, email and station web portal posting

           –  Flexibility to communicate traffic instructions to ensure fool proof delivery of your spots to

               stations across North America

           –  Advanced order entry methods virtually eliminate re-keying errors,

               saving valuable media dollars


  • Integrated Talent Rights/Use Management

          –  Our Traffic Management System interfaces with The Team Companies’ Talent Payment System

           Have instant access to the most up to date info on talent rights for each spot prior to ‘air’

          –  Input ISCI/AdID of the spot you plan to run and a talent rights usage report is generated

          –  System will prompt you that that your spot is up to date or if there re any rights issues

              to be resolved prior to air, ensuring spot will run without incurring talent penalties

          –  System provides Team with all the necessary info to issue error-free talent payments

          –  Info from traffic instructions ensure talent payments are accurate

            Avoids redoing Talent Usage Reports and unnecessary late fee penalties


  • Files Prepped for Streaming


  • Custom Tags for your Spots

           –  SpotGenie’s in-house edit and audio facility will customize your tagged spots with tags

                designed to fit perfectly in your spot.

           –   Our Editors will insert supers with your supplied tag copy


  • Custom Audio Record and Mix

           –   Our audio engineers will record & mix supplied VO tag copy.


  • Closed Captioning

           –  Provide your ‘as recorded’ scripts and we will close caption your spots


  • Transcoding

           –  We custom format your video files to the specs required from each station


  • Watermarking

           –   We offer BVS, SpotTrac and SpotGenie’s proprietary encoding services