Ad Distribution


SpotGenie is constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to distribute spots for our clients. Our pioneering software has lowered costs, reduced errors and improved quality. We continually advance our distribution technology and upgrade our systems to better serve our clients.

What’s New?

  • Our new interface is more user friendly and features an archival library that easily accesses your TV commercials for review
  • Proprietary broadcast verification tracking enables you to view a log confirming when and where your spots ran
  • Our improved distribution system is so robust we now distribute long format video with the same speed and efficiency as our proven TV commercial distribution

The Human Element

Our staff sells SpotGenie.  When our clients interact with our CSR support team it reminds them over and over again why they trust us for their distribution needs.  And our Operations Group makes our clients’ spot delivery virtually foolproof.  The Human Element. It’s our greatest asset.



Ad Customization

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Along with our state of the art spot distribution, SpotGenie has an array of services to customize your ads based on your needs.  Ad customization services include

  • Closed Captioning
  • SpotGenie, BVS and SpotTrac encoding services
  • Slates and Title Generator Inserts
  • Traffic Instructions Distribution
  • Custom Tags

In-House Post Facility

SpotGenie has in-house edit and audio facilities staffed with editors and audio engineers ready to customize your spots.  Each tag will be designed to fit perfectly in your tagged spot. We will insert supers with your supplied tag copy and will record and mix VO if need be.

Need to customize your spot?   SpotGenie has the facility and the talent to produce however many custom-made tags you need based on your specs.