SpotGenie Has Revolutionized The $300 Million Advertising Delivery Industry

ATLANTA, April 26, 2012 – SpotGenie, Inc. (, a privately-held, Atlanta-based digital advertising delivery network, has fundamentally changed the $300 million dollar industry with its proprietary technology, creating an unprecedented shift in the way business will be executed going forward.

Although HD has been around for about 15 years, it has not been utilized by most advertisers as the cost has been prohibitive. With SpotGenie, regional advertising agencies and advertisers who typically distribute in SD can now manage their broadcast spot distribution, and traffic HD for the cost of SD spots online – a savings of approximately 80%. Larger clients who distribute network spots in HD but local spots in SD can realize the same savings. HD is no longer like your “Sunday china,” but should be utilized every day.

“The agency or advertiser that buys in regional markets may send spots to 100, 200 or more stations. At between $150 and $250 per delivery, for many the economics just don’t add up. SpotGenie’s system is Internet-based. Our major competitors established their systems several years back and rely on satellites and servers, which are much more expensive, cumbersome and inherently more costly to use, maintain, and run. We make it financially viable for advertisers’ TV spots to look as good on local broadcast as they do on national broadcast. No one has ever offered this before.  This is new to the industry. Regional ad buys can now compete with national buys,” explained SpotGenie President/CEO Wayne Dykes. “In addition, at SpotGenie we have already established our relationships with the stations and have spent a great deal of time perfecting a system to transcode spots for the stations to air,” he continued.

Previously, regional advertisers could afford to do everything in HD except distribute their spots. Many sent their SD spots to HD stations resulting in a disconnect between the vision of the agency and the client and the shrunken spots that actually air, sacrificing both quality and brand reputation. SpotGenie has leveled the playing field and solved these problems, delivering HD spots at radically reduced rates and making it possible for stations with large footprints to readily afford HD distribution.

“SpotGenie’s online broadcast traffic delivery tool represents the fulfillment of HD’s promise — higher quality, full 16:9 screen. Just as CD’s gave way to MP3’s, the horse and buggy to automobiles, and AOL and Yahoo to Google, universal access to HD is replacing limited access to HD. Cloud based systems are replacing boxes in every station. The Internet is replacing transponders on satellites. Automated, smooth, error free systems are replacing manual, cumbersome, people-based operations. And, smaller efficient companies focused on service and quality control are replacing large companies focused exclusively on bottom lines,” added SpotGenie’s Head of Marketing, Rudy Fernandez.

About SpotGenie, Inc.:

Founded in Atlanta, GA in 2002, SpotGenie, a privately-held technology and service company, has revolutionized the digital distribution of high-quality HD television and radio spots, trafficking, tracking, asset management and other postproduction services. SpotGenie’s proprietary technology digitally delivers TV and radio commercials across the country at an approximately 80% reduction in cost over older technologies, making it affordable for everyone. With SpotGenie advertisers and ad agencies manage and monitor every aspect of their broadcast spot distribution using just an Internet browser.

In addition to trafficking, tracking and delivering spots, SpotGenie helps clients prepare their spots for air with services that include closed captioning, tagging, slating and video transcoding.