SpotGenie Launches CrossCheck™, Answering the Mystery to the Question “What Happened to Our Commercial After It Was Sent to the Stations”?


Atlanta, GA, August 2, 2016 ( – After successfully focusing on becoming a major force in the ad distribution industry, SpotGenie Partners, LLC is looking ahead to the future by expanding its product line to better serve existing and prospective clients. CrossCheck™ is the first of several new products and services that will roll out in the months ahead from the high-tech distribution company. The product answers the mystery to the question “what happened to our commercial after it was sent to the stations”?

CrossCheck™ enables clients to view a log on their computer or mobile device in near-real time that confirms when and where their spots ran. Developed to help media and traffic departments instantly keep track of the status of their clients’ TV spots, CrossCheck™ not only verifies your spots have run, it also confirms your spots ran without error. Audience demographics are also available, completing a comprehensive ‘on-air’ report of your spots after they reached the stations.

Wayne Dykes, SpotGenie’s President/CEO, felt there was a need for clients to know that the correct spots ran when and where they were intended to run and that they aired without any technical errors. “A lot rides on each and every spot we distribute for our clients. Media dollars are not cheap and clients’ expectations that their spots ran in the right market and communicated their message without error is crucial. After all, quite often, sales expectations are based, in part, on the successful communication of their messaging on TV. We beta tested the concept with our existing clients and the feedback was extremely positive.”

A quick review of your spots’ status on CrossCheck™ confirms the correct spots aired successfully. Conversely, it will be apparent if the wrong traffic instructions went to the wrong markets or revised traffic instructions were not sent to the appropriate markets. Monitoring your on-air spots in near-real time prevents mistakes from turning into major problems affecting the results of your media buy.

“We take great pains to make sure we run the correct spot based on the correct traffic information given to us but that does not preclude the fact that the wrong spot can still air due to human error occurring during the process leading up to us delivering the spots. If a mistake was made, it will be caught immediately so the issue becomes a non-issue because we can correct the problem sooner rather than later,” confirms Wayne Dykes.

Once your spot is on-air the biggest mystery is whether it ran without any glitches. Was the spot cut-off, were there any drop-outs, did it run in the right pod?

According to Wayne Dykes, the spot can be viewed on their system as it aired and you can request a download of that on–air spot to use as confirmation the spot ran in error. “A great resource for substantiating ‘make-goods’ ”, says Wayne about SpotGenie’s proprietary technology that enables a client to view a spot in near-real time and then receive, upon request, a file of that on-air spot for verification.

With the roll-out of CrossCheck™ underway and the promise of ‘more to come’ Wayne Dykes had this to say about where SpotGenie was and where they want to be:

“SpotGenie was founded on the premise we would become a leading provider of affordable ad distribution based on our technologically advanced systems backed by our outstanding support teams. The business model we structured was dubbed ‘technology + human solutions’.”

“Our robust in-house software development team created new and better ways to distribute advertising while our outstanding Operations and CSR Groups helped manage the process for our clients. The investment in building these teams resulted in us becoming a player in the ad distribution industry. This successful business model will move us forward as a high-tech company focused on providing new and existing clients with products that compliment our core business.”

CrossCheck™, SpotGenie’s first of several new products and services, will be available to clients on an Apple or Android mobile app for on-the go viewing of their on-air spots.

About SpotGenie Partners, LLC:

In operation since 2002, SpotGenie Partners, LLC, a privately held technology service company located in Atlanta, GA, has revolutionized the digital distribution of high-quality HD television and radio spots, traffic and talent rights management, spot tracking, asset security and other post-production services.

In addition to trafficking, tracking, delivering spots and asset security, SpotGenie helps clients prepare their spots for air with services that include closed captioning, custom tagging, slating and video transcoding.

SpotGenie is headquartered at 345 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 400, Atlanta GA 30305. For further information about SpotGenie contact Larry Fox, SVP Marketing Services and Business Development, at 888 202-1631 or

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